Secure your customer relationships

Acquire customer consent for data processing (GDPR), payments (PSD2) and financial regulations.
Provide your customers with data portability using our networked mobile platform and SDKs.

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Simplify Consent

Consent acquisition and data portability for GDPR, Open Banking and financial regulations.

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Secure customer relationships

Build secure and consensual data relationships while improving data quality.


How it works

Citizen integrates with your existing marketing, CRM & internal services.

1. Connect your sources of personal data
2. Request consent via our data agreements
3. Customers respond by email or mobile
4. Responses recorded in the Citizen web application
5. Continue making requests via web modal or mobile
Connect your sources of personal data


Consent management

Manage consent for data processing activities. Applicable to the GDPR, Open Banking and payments regulations.

Seamless integration

Integrate your CRMs, marketing communications platforms and internal data sources.

Networked data

When Citizen users change their personal information via the app, we update you with the new data using webhooks.

Highlight engaged customers

Consent acquisition is an opportuntiy to improve engagement and transparency with your customers.




up to 1,000 customers


From £49/month

5,000 customers


What is the General Data Protection Regulation?


An EU law updating consumer privacy rights. More details here.

Which payments regulations can Citizen help with?


Since May 2018, Visa has required that merchants hold consumer consent to store personal information for recurring payments.

How do you protect customer data?


Citizen uses a combination of encryption and tokenisation to secure all personal data. This prevents interception during transit, and ensures that a hack of Citizen's systems would not reveal the information.

Do you share our user data with other companies?


Citizen only shares user data at the request of the individual ‘data subject’.

What platforms are you integrated with?


We connect with most leading CRMs and email providers. You can find our integrations in your CRM marketplace.

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