Secure your customer relationships

Acquire customer consent as required by the GDPR, financial and payment regulations.
Provide your customers data portability using our networked mobile platform & SDKs.

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Simplify Consent

Consent and data portability for GDPR, Open Banking & scheme regulations.

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Secure customer relationships

Build better data relationships with your customers and improve data quality.

“Citizen’s platform secures customer consent for direct marketing - a key component under the GDPR. By integrating Citizen, companies can stay compliant and remove the risk of needing to delete their consumer data.”

How it works

Citizen integrates with your existing marketing, CRM & internal services.

1. Connect your sources of personal data.
2. Request consumer consent via our data agreements.
3. Customers respond via email or mobile.
4. Consent responses recorded in the Citizen web application.
5. Continue acquiring consent via web modal or mobile.
Connect your sources of personal data.


Consent management

Manage consent for data processing activities, ready for the GDPR, open banking & the payments industry standards.

Seamless integration

Unify your CRM and marketing communications platforms & directly integrate your own data sources.

Networked data

Manage consumer data from one place and gain better quality data. Prevent CRM decay.

Highlight engaged customers

Use consent to improve engagement and transparancy with your customers.




up to 1,000 customers


From £49/month

5,000 customers


What is the General Data Protection Regulation?


Legislation introducing new consumer rights which aim to secure the privacy and security of individuals. These require companies to adjust their approach to the use and storage of customer data. Breaches may be punished with fines reaching between €10-20 million or 2-4% of annual turnover.

What are the payment scheme regulations?


Visa requests that consumers have consented to have their card stored by the merchant. This requirement came into effect from May 2018.

Can you provide GDPR compliance?


It's worth noting that no single external solution can make a company GDPR compliant; companies which process data need to review both their operational practices and technical capabilities, in order to ensure that consumer rights are respected. Citizen provides a technological solution maintaining a direct and legitimate connection between companies and their customers. And all without the need for passwords.

How do you protect customer data?


Citizen encrypts all data stored on the platform using a tokenisation process. Our tokens are created using either the keys on consumer mobile devices, or the business's own key.

Do you share our user data with other companies?


Citizen does not share your data with anyone without your consent. As we cannot see your encrypted data, all requests must be consensually agreed by both the business and their customers.

What platforms are you integrated with?


We connect with most leading CRMs and email providers. You can find our integrations in your CRM marketplace.

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