93% of consumers prefer biometrics over passwords for payments

Strong, verifiable authentication for customers and their transactions.
Identify your customers quickly using our networked mobile platform and SDKs.

repeat customer

Reduce friction

Confirm purchases securely without impacting your customer journey.

Lower fraud

Reduce fraud

Validate transactions at point of purchase and limit disputes.

Lower fees

Reduce fees

Get better rates by reducing your chargeback levels.

How it works

Citizen integrates with your current e-commerce and payment platforms.

1. Business requests step-up authentication via Citizen app
2. Customer on-boards with Citizen
3. Citizen user signs identity token with biometrics
4. Token signature validated with Citizen
Business requests step-up authentication via Citizen app


Biometric authentication

Users unlock device-specific keys using local biometrics, providing assurance of individual and device identity.

Location and device validation

Validate location and device for false-positive prevention.

Transaction signing

Digitally sign identification and transaction requests to ensure non-repudiation.


Combine document verification and facial recognition for faster KYC checks and customer onboarding.



from 1p per token


How do you protect customer data?


Citizen uses a combination of encryption and tokenisation to secure all personal data. This prevents interception during transit, and ensures that a hack of Citizen’s systems would not reveal the information.

Do you share our user data with other companies?


Citizen only shares user data at the request of the individual.

What platforms are you integrated with?


We connect with most leading e-commerce platforms and gateways. You can find our integrations in your CRM database.