Log in with just your face or fingerprint

Citizen Sign-in is a rapid way to log into websites without the need for passwords.

Integrate Sign-in to your website using just one line of code.

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Improve customer experiences

Simplify the customer journey by removing the annoyance of repeatedly forgotten passwords

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Better customer data

Your data updates automatically when you customers change their address or phone number

How it works

Log in and register using just your face or fingerprint.

Log in and register using just your face or fingerprint.


No passwords to forget

Provide the security and convenience of biometric login

Get rid of forgotten and hackable passwords forever

Reclaim lost accounts

Use biometric authentication to reclaim lost or compromised accounts securely

Customers can identify themsleves using multiple email addresses or mobile numbers

Alternative Access

Provide an extra channel for your customers to log-in if your service infrastructure is down

Networked Data

When Citizen users change their personal information via the app, we update you with the new data using webhooks.


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How do I add Citizen Sign-in to my website or app?


By adding a single line of code to your site. Follow this link to our ‘developers’ page.

Do you share our customers'data with other companies?


No. Citizen does not monetise or share any customer data. Only parties authorised by the 'data subject' can decrypt the data.

What is a 'data subject'?


A legal term used to denote the real person that a set of personal data refers to.

What does networked mean?


The Citizen app allows users to update their data from one location across multiple accounts; so there’s no need to manually update information in each account.

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