Closed-loop payments

via Open Banking

Bank-based payments with a great customer experience.

Instant, automatic confirmation of account holder identities.

Accept payments and make payouts instantly.

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Accept cardless Open Banking payments

Closed loop

Know exactly who your payments are coming from, and who you're making payments to.


Make payments to your customers easily and instantly via Open Banking, at a low cost.

Fast & frictionless

Citizen lets your customer pay directly from their bank account, without entering card or identity information.

No intermediaries

Payments via Open Banking settle instantly and cost you less. There are no card company fees or hidden charges.

Plug and play

Integrate Citizen in less than a day. Show your developers our documentation for proof of how easy this is.

Intuitive dashboard

View and manage all payment activity in Citizen's payments dashboard. Alternatively connect existing analytics systems via our API.

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Trusted by banks

Citizen is a London-based company, funded by leading VC firms Metavallon and SGH Capital

We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide payment and account information services in the UK and EU. Our reference number is 826720.

Open Banking lets you offer an easier way for your customers to pay. But new technologies can be confusing for some users.

That's why Citizen guides your customer through payments via this new method.

We're confident they'll be comfortable with Open Banking payments in no time.