"Several tech firms have opted to block EU residents from using their services because of concerns they are not compliant with a shake-up to the 28-nation bloc's data privacy laws."

Citizen sits between businesses and individuals, securely managing their data relationship.

We provide a secure customer relationship & authentication platform that enables you
to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in minutes.

Customers register and login with one touch and update their information across multiple designated services, all from one place.

Citizen makes on-boarding, customer conversion, retention and data-driven marketing easier and more secure.

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Acquire provable consent

Under data regulations (PECR & GDPR), your customers must freely give their consent for you to process their personal information, for a specified purpose and duration.

Citizen enables customers to control their data directly, while ensuring businesses have consent to process and store personal information - keeping both parties safe, secure and compliant.

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Secure customer relationships

Integrate your existing CRM, marketing, e-commerce and internal systems, so that customer communication is safe and secure.

Form deeper relationships with your customers by increasing transparency and security when you use their personal information.

Let's build a safer, fairer way to interact with customers.

How Citizen Helps with GDPR


Citizen gets explicit consent from data subjects to use their personal information, allowing you to secure customer relationships.

Privacy by design

Citizen offers end-to-end encryption, using biometric authentication to approve personal data exchanges.


Customers can optionally control their data from our mobile app, lowering costs from subject access, rectification & erasure, whilst simultaneously improving on-boarding times.


Citizen provides access usage reporting your customer's data trail, allowing you to manage & audit personal data access.

Rectification & Erasure

We ensure that data erasure and rectification requests are executed through our platform and quickly passed on to you to implement.



Sign Up and Authentication

Using their Citizen accounts, customers register for new services and login without ever entering a password.

Inactive but returning customers won't need to wrestle with "forgotten password" menus or check their emails to access their account.

The Citizen platform follows Privacy by Design - and we neither sell nor mine user data.


Convenience & Security

Using social media networks for sign-in trades your customer's personal data in return for convenience.

Citizen's personal data relationships are only seen by you and your customers, so you can use our platform in tightly regulated environments.

The Citizen model is privacy by design, where consumer data is neither sold nor mined.

Privacy by Design

Compromised customer account data is a PR nightmare for any company, and there's only so much you can do to protect your infrastructure.

That's why Citizen uses data tokenization and advanced encryption to keep your customer data safe, while still allowing you to access it when needed.

Employ Citizen's identity tokens so you can separate 'content from context', so that in a breach you don't lose identifying information.

Privacy by design


Multi-factor biometric authentication increases data security while making it easy for customers to access your service.



Data tokenization ensures all customer information is kept private in transit, protecting you from security vulnerabilities and PR disasters.


Networked Data

Customers can easily update their personal information across multiple services from the Citizen app, meaning you’ll always have access to current information.

Making GDPR simple

  • Citizen helps you form deeper relationships with your customers by improving transparency and security when you use their information.
  • Our platform helps you acquire consent, offer data portability, and notify rectification & erasure requests on your behalf.

Let's build a safer way to secure customer relationships.