Modern eCommerce payments

via Open Banking

Offer customers a simple, frictionless payment experience.

Built to protect against chargebacks and fraud. UK FCA regulated company.

A range of formats suited to your needs; from standard checkouts to payment via email.

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The easy way to accept Open Banking payments

Fast & frictionless

Customers make payments using just their face or fingerprint. No need to make an account, use a cards or type in codes.

Keep more of your profits

As the only intermediary, we can offer the lowest payment processing fees on the market.

Plug and play

Integrate Citizen in less than a day. Show your developers our documentation for proof of how easy this is.

Intuitive dashboard

We've worked to make Citizen as simple for you to use as possible.

Manage everything you need to from a straightforward payments dashboard.

Trusted by banks

Citizen is a London-based company, funded by leading VC firms Metavallon and SGH Capital

We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide payment and account information services in the UK and EU. Our reference number is 826720.

We've taken steps to make integration as accessible as possible.

No integration fees clear documentation and close support throughout the process.

Better customer experience. Lower payment fees.

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