Better bank payments

with a product tailored to your needs.

Accept payments via a platform designed to streamline your operational processes.

Attribute payments and make payouts to known account holders.

Adaptable customer journey, secure and fast payment flows.

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Citizen is a modular fintech platform.


We are regulated by the FCA, reference number: 826720.


We use the most up to date, bank level security standards.


We are backed by some of Europes leading investors, Metavallon VC and SGH Capital.

Why choose Citizen?

Mission Control

Manage payments, payouts and corporate accounts in one simple intuitive platform.

Instant Payments

Citizen lets your customer make cardless payments easily, directly from their bank accounts.

Corporate Accounts

Opening a receiving account with us makes it easier to manage funds and ease reconciliation. (mention the 'no holding funds').

Account Verification

Attribute incoming payments to known account holders, preventing human error. intuitive dashboard.

End-to-end Solution

Citizen incorporates customer-ready payment journeys, tailored to optimize conversion.

Bank-level Security

Access to your account

Citizen is a versatile payments platform, built with Open Banking.

Easily accept bank-based payments, directly from your customer's account.

Cost-effective. Instant settlement. Payments that convert.

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