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Flexible payment fees with no monthly minimums

All you pay is the fee we charge on transaction volumes. There are no interchange or acquiring fees.

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Core platform

You'll get a volume-based quote per payment, with no additional costs or monthly minimums.

One plan gives you access to all of our core payment features including:

Hosted pages & payment request links

Custom data and payload options

Embeddable payment tools for your checkout journey

Dashboard for monitoring payments and verifications

Add these extras to any plan:

Customer verification

Customer verification via Open Banking for a fixed, per-check fee.

Payouts (coming soon)

Instant payouts to your customer's verified bank account.

All our customers benefit from...

Suite of payment tools

You’ll get access to all of our payment tools, including hosted pages, payment request links and checkout components.

Regular updates and enhancements

Because our platform is end to end, we’ll push regular improvements to you and your customers.

Ongoing support

Once you're live we’ll provide on-going support via our online support channels and knowledge base.

Free integration consulting

We’ll help you get up and running completely free of charge.