EU-wide payments
in one integration

Citizen lets your customer pay directly from their bank account. Payments settle instantly and cost you less.

EU-wide coverage

We're making more banks available every day. Citizen lets you provide a fast and simple payment option for customers across Europe.

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More banks being added every day

More banks being added every day


How it works

Your customer is ready to pay


How it works

Customer receives a payment request and chooses their bank


How it works

The customer confirms payment in their mobile banking app


How it works

The money instantly moves from the customers' account to yours

Cardless payment acceptance

Citizen moves money directly from your customers' bank account to yours.

With no intermediaries, payments settle instantly. This lets us guarantee lower fees.

These payments are completely cardless, so it's easier for your customer too.

Simple integration with no fees

We're confident we can get you up and running quickly. No expensive integration fees, and it won’t take up time on your roadmap.

Ask us how much you could save by using Citizen for payments

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