Futureproof payments

Enhanced payments & customer identification

Reduce payment, compliance, and operational costs.

Identify customers via their payment method.

Remove customer friction and prevent fraud.

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Boost your customer experience

Identify customers

Citizen uses Open Banking to let you confirm account-holder identities, so you know who your customers are.

Open Banking

Our platform accesses your customers' bank accounts directly, instantly and securely. This keeps the cost to you down and our part of the customer journey smooth.

Instant payment settlement

Payments and identification requests made via Open Banking settle in seconds. We are the only intermediary.

Payouts feature

Need to pay money out to your customer? Citizen lets you do this easily via Open Banking, keeping costs low and reducing settlement times.


View and manage all payment activity in Citizen's payments dashboard. Alternatively use your preferred analytics platform by connecting it with Citizen via our API.

Easy integration

An integration designed with simplicity in mind. Show your developers our documentation for proof of how easy this is.


Trusted by banks

Citizen is a London-based company, funded by leading VC firms Metavallon and SGH Capital

We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide payment and account information services in the UK and EU. Our reference number is 826720.

The Citizen platform is an end-to-end Open Banking payments solution. We guide your customer through the payments journey.

Low fees. Instant settlement. Excellent customer experience.

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