"Several tech firms have opted to block EU residents from using their services because of concerns they are not compliant with a shake-up to the 28-nation bloc's data privacy laws."



Request and record consumer consent in-line with the requirements of the GDPR, Open Banking and ePrivacy Regulations.

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Enable consumers to manage their personal data directly from one place, providing transparency and improving data accuracy.

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Private by Design

We encrypt all data, and use biometrics in place of passwords. We don’t see the data, we don’t sell the data, and we don’t pass it on to anyone else.


Privacy by Design

Citizen encrypts all personal data from end to end; only the data subject and parties which they have authorised can decrypt the information. We can’t access or send any user data.


Citizen allows you to request and record consent from data subjects for specific data processing activities. Consent is provable and time-limited as required by the GDPR.


Citizen users can view the data they share and data agreements which they are party to at any time. They can submit Subject Access Requests for more data via the app.


Personal information on the Citizen app is networked. When a user updates their data, parties with which they have shared this data with are automatically updated. This ensures you have access to up-to-date information.


Users of the Citizen app can submit requests to have their data deleted.


The Citizen app allows users to register for new services instantly by porting their personal information from the platform to the new account or profile.



Sign Up and Authentication

Citizen users can register for and login to services without ever entering a password.

Inactive but returning customers won't need to reset forgotten passwords or check their emails to access their accounts.


Networked Personal data

The Citizen app allows individuals to manage their data relationships from one place, improving data transparency between businesses and customers.

When Citizen users update their personal information, all of their connections receive the new information automatically.

Privacy by Design

Citizen uses tokenization and encryption to secure data in storage and transit, only allowing authorised accounts to decrypt the data.



Simple consent for personal data that networks to your CRMs and existing data sources.

Privacy by design


Biometric login provides an additional layer of security and makes it easier for customers to access your service.



Tokenization prevents personal information from being compromised, by separating content from context.

Simplify GDPR compliance

  • Reduce operational cost of GDPR compliance
  • Enable users to manage their own data
  • Acquire consumer consent across channels
  • Implement true privacy by design
  • Access networked data as users update their own information

Secure customer relationships.