Pay with Citizen and get rewarded

Pay with Citizen and we give you digital reward tokens. The more you pay with us, the better we do and the higher the token price will be. Just like a share.

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Rewards are broken. Companies don’t fairly reward you for your loyalty, they make more money while rewarding you fixed, low-value points. We don’t think that makes sense.

How Citizen rewards works


Pay for things online using Citizen’s payment method.

Get rewarded tokens

The more you spend the more tokens you receive.  

Sell or hold

The token price is linked to our success, just like a share. Sell for cash or hold them.

How this will launch

1. Become a founding member

Download the app and sign up to get your founding tokens. Be quick, the first token drop is limited.

Live now

Coming soon

2. See where you can pay with Citizen

We’ll keep you up to date with the retailers signing up for the launch and how long until you can start earning rewards at these retailers.

Live now

Coming soon

3. Earn tokens

The reward program goes live. Pay with Citizen’s Card-free method at participating retailers to earn tokens. 

Coming later

4. Cash in

Once our loyalty scheme is rolled out, we will list our tokens on an exchange. You can trade them in for cash or hold them longer term. 

Coming later

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When you download the app you'll receive 2 founding tokens. We are releasing a limited number of founder tokens on a first come first serve basis. You don’t want to miss out 

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The Citizen team

James Neville


David Atkinson

Head of Product

Flakron Vranovci

Head of Engineering

Tommy Wakeham

UX Designer

Amie Kadhim

Business Development Manager

Matt Derczynski


About Citizen

Citizen is one of the UK’s leading cardless payment providers, serving some of the UK and EU’s most exciting online businesses.

FCA regulated

We are regulated by the FCA and adhere to the strictest criteria to ensure our service is safe and reliable

Backed by leading investors

We are backed by some of Europes leading investors inclusing Metavallion and SGH Capital


Our payment product is already used by customers of leading online businesses every day