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Supercharge your customer experience

Frictionless identity verification. Get customers into the action faster than ever.

Low-cost, low-friction payments. Let customers deposit without leaving your site or app.

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How it works

Your customer chooses Citizen for identity verification or payment

How it works

Customer chooses the bank account they want to identify or pay from

How it works

Citizen guides the customer to their mobile banking app

How it works

Done! The money is moved instantly and verified details are added to their profile

Cardless payment acceptance

Citizen moves money directly from your customers' bank account to yours.

With no intermediaries, payments settle instantly. This lets us guarantee lower fees.

These payments are completely cardless, so it's easier for your customer too.

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When customers verify using their bank account, there are no ID checks, selfies or manual interventions when things go wrong.

Players choose ‘identify with my bank account’ and approve the check in their mobile banking app.

Full picture of customer identity

Citizen gives a unified view of your customer, by aggregating and verifying details from multiple data sources including photo ID & liveness checks, bank account, their email address and phone number.

We guide them through all the steps to verify their ID, so it doesn't take long, whatever level of detail you need.

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