Hacks and breaches threaten your personal data.

The Citizen platform stores your data securely - and we don’t sell it on.

Our app allows you to log into and register for new services using your fingerprint.

Not social

Private by Design

We don’t access your personal information or sell it on to anyone.

You decide which companies can access your personal data.

No passwords (as they can be cracked or guessed easily).

Data protection

Convenient and Secure

Manage all of your ‘data relationships’ from one place.

Citizen minimise data exposure using end-to-end encryption.

Biometric login is fast; just scan your face or fingerprint.

What you get with Citizen

Citizen enables businesses and customers to form secure data relationships by providing robust security and effortless access.


  • Fast and Secure login
  • Manage your data from one place
  • No passwords to remember


  • Consent management
  • Verifed personal data
  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Reduction in forgotten passwords
  • Customer analytics
  • Tokenisation of personal information


  • Integrate industry-leading authentication and encryption into your products using our SDK
  • Our API allows robust and flexible integrations beyond login and commerce
  • Active customer support from a developer-led team
  • Get up and running in minutes